In the life of the Barcelona-born Astrid Fina (10/16/1983) there will always be a before one after May 10, 2009. That day, and after enjoying a Barça game at the Camp Nou, while she was standing in her motorbike at a traffic light on Valencia Street at the height of Padilla a car accelerated and destroyed his right foot, in addition to generating various injuries. Given her youth, both she and the doctors decided that they were going to try to save her foot, that she was always on time to cut it.

Bad luck meant that in the operating room was the victim of one of the damn bacteria that inhabit the hospitals, which caused an infection. "They told me, you have two options, or cut or that we remove the bones of the foot and go for life on crutches or in a wheelchair," he recalls.

Astrid - who until then worked as a salesgirl in a jewelry store - decided to bet on her foot first. He went to the consultation of countless doctors, and his circle of friends asked them what they would do, until after two years and thirteen operations decided to undergo definitive surgery and cut the foot. Before, however, he spent a day in the Sant Jordi Amputees Unit, and "I saw that there were young people, that they were living a normal life and that they were happy, when I thought that I could not be. So without anyone knowing, I went to the doctor. I did not say anything to my mother. I remember entering the operating room. It was very hard, as if they were taking me to the slaughterhouse. "

A motorcycle accident on his return from a Barça match destroyed his foot

However, and without being aware of it, Astrid - who loses the cheese - was closing a stage in her life and opening a new one that was going to bring her new experiences and a lot of joys, which she would never have dreamed of. Obviously, it was not easy. Moreover, after suffering the amputation, his stump was swallowed and he had to go through the operating room again. Until one day in 2012 a friend of his, Kiko Caballero, invited her to try snowboarding in Baqueira, to her, who until then had only skied one day with school. He loved it so much that he showed up to the national team access tests. I was the only girl. He had to overcome physical and technical tests in the snow. "These last ones gave me badly. They had to help me by shaking my hand, but I had not moved for three years. "

And in less than two years she was playing her first Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014, where she was sixth in snowboard cross. Who was going to tell her that after so much suffering she would lead the life she leads now? "Cutting the foot was the most difficult decision of my life, but I see it as something positive. If I get to know, I cut it short. It is as if life had given me a campion from behind to wake up. I am delighted with the life I lead. " And it is enough to look at their activity on social networks to see that not for peace, that when it is not on the table in the snow is practicing skateboarding, mountain biking or paddle surfing, having also managed to reach the elite of snowboarding. He rubs shoulders with the best, has visited places and countries that he had never imagined and since June he is part of the ADO Program.

Two years after the accident and after 13 operations decided to amputate the foot

Restless, hard-working and big-headed, Astrid Fina goes to PyeongChang with her two pets, a plastic pig and the wolf Wolf, and desires to step on the podium and achieve a medal. Gone are the first competitions in which it took him eight minutes to complete a circuit that his rivals did in one, which did not prevent his opponents waiting for him in goal to applaud him and make him a wave, synonymous with the sportsmanship that reigns in the Paralympic sport , where "there are no rivals".

But, beyond sporting success, Astrid Fina knows that it is the mirror in which many people, many young people, with disabilities look at themselves. I remember when I made the EGB that a language teacher always told me "want is power", wise words that once again make sense in the person of this admirer of Brad Pitt, who snowboard gave him "the freedom he had never had . It makes me fly. "

Astrid Fina nunca ha perdido la sonrisa
Astrid Fina has never lost her smile