The ski resort of Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu has a renovated snowpark in Beret for freestyle skiers and snowboarders.
For the freestylers of all the life and for those that want to begin in the free style Baqueira Beret has a good news: the team of shapers that manages the snowpark is totally new and their great motivation and work have already given good fruits for this season. The aforementioned team has built the modules thanks to their incessant work and also to the abundant snowfalls received. The snowpark is today an oasis for skiers and snowboarders with the desire to fly.
The Era Marmòta snowpark is located on the Marmòtes track, which can be reached by the TQ Fernández Ochoa, the TSD Dera Reina or the TSD Jesús Serra. The park is divided into three zones: the initiation green, the middle level with blue and the red for the high level. In this way the fun is not limited only to riders who master this modality, but the range of fun opens up from beginners to experts.
The modules and jumps available will depend on the weather conditions and the work required by the shapers to condition it. Therefore, the description can vary significantly according to the falling snowfall.
In the green area there is a small boardercross and a line of simple and easy jumps and drawers (flat drawer 2, drawer down, flat drawer down). Athletes with a lower level will be able to enjoy their first jumps and modules in a safe way.
Those with a medium level can access the blue zone, where they will find a large line of jumps, rails, drawers and other modules (flat tube, railing down and handrail down flat). These jumps require a higher level of mastery than those of the green zone, but they will be accessible to all those who are good skiers or track snowboarders. It will be the door to great emotions and experiences in the snowpark.
And the park veterans? The higher level riders can be put to the test in the red zone. Here you will find much larger jumps and modules of great difficulty. Undoubtedly, it will be a spectacle for both those who jump and those who can see a rider complete the jumps and tricks in this area of ​​the park.
The new team will work to keep the green and blue lines operational at all times. The red one will only open to the public if the snow conditions allow it, always thinking about the safety of the users. The approach that you want to give to the snowpark is to be safe and at the same time fun.