Satisfactory Christmas holidays and Kings

More than 155,000 skiers have enjoyed Baqueira Beretentre on December 22 and Sunday, January 6. The incessant work of the station to open the maximum number of tracks and the prevailing sun during the weeks of Christmas and Kings has seduced a lot of skiers and snowboarders.

Despite the few snowfalls so far this season, the numbers of the Christmas holidays have been good and the satisfaction of the visitors excellent. Undoubtedly, the efforts made by the track preparation and snow production team have paid off in the form of carefully prepared routes despite the thickness of snow between 25 cm at 1,800 and 55 cm in 2500.

An average of 88 km of runways and more than 90% of the ski lifts have been opened daily, this has allowed the more than 155,000 skiers who visited the station between December 22 and January 6 to be distributed through the three open areas of Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua. The lowering of temperatures in recent days has allowed us to produce snow by increasing the number of skiable kilometers to 92, opening even the classic Vuelta a Casa track that allows you to go down with the skis and snowboard shoes up to the Baqueira 1500 level.

The day with the most influx to the station was on December 29 that registered more than 16,000 skiers on tracks. The snowpark and 1.5 km of the free cross-country ski circuit in Beret have also been open during the two-week holiday.

It has been two weeks in which traditional Christmas activities have been held normally. The arrival of Santa Claus in sleigh pulled by dogs first to Beret and then to Baqueira and, the drop of torches year-end, or the multitudinous procession of Three Wise Men with their Majesties arriving in preparation machines of tracks at the level 1500.

As for the restoration, the thematic venues such as the Refugio San Miguel, the 5J Grill Baqueira and the Moët Winter Lounge continue to have a great success and, this Christmas, especially its terraces thanks to the mild weather. On the other hand, there has been a lot of atmosphere in the Baqueira Bar of 1500 and also on the terrace of the Moët Winter Lounge with the DJ playing from midday and bringing together the apres ski.