In this article we are going to talk about the physical preparation for skiing, since the cold has reached many points of the country and Europe, and with it the ski season has also arrived. Surely many of you were waiting with great desire and are willing to start practicing this sport in brief.
However, skiing is a sport that requires good physical conditions and from ISAF, our sports training center, we dedicate this article to tell you some details about the physical preparation for skiing. Specifically, we stopped to tell you some exercises to strengthen the legs to ski, some stretches to ski and, also, how to avoid injuries skiing.
Exercises to strengthen the legs for skiing
These are some of the physical preparation exercises for skiing that will help you strengthen your legs:
Classical squats: the performance of classic squats is one of the basic exercises to strengthen legs and glutes. It is suitable for the physical preparation of many sports, including skiing.
Jumps bench: this exercise alone is able to strengthen your legs a lot in a short time. However, although it seems simple, it has its technique and it is very important to do it correctly.
Rear leg lifts with dead weight: this exercise can be done with weight and without weight. We recommend that you do it with weight if you already have experience in the technique.
Stretching to ski
It is very important to stretch before skiing before starting to practice sports. What most suffers when skiing are the joints of the legs, for this reason is where we should focus almost all our attention.
From the ankles, knees and hips should be prepared. It is advisable to make circular movements in these three areas of our body and in both directions, first to one side and then to the other.
But, when skiing we will use practically all the muscles of our body, for that reason you must also make stretches to ski in the abductors, back and neck.
We hope these recommendations on physical preparation for skiing will be useful for this season. However, if you want to prepare correctly and safely when preparing skiing exercises, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a personal trainer, he will help you achieve your goals more quickly and safely.